Customer onboarding has never been easier

KYB Platform is an all-in-one tool for verifying and onboarding business customers that helps you minimise risk of fraud, stay compliant with AML regulations and concentrate on your core business.

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Just one platform

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Verify in 10 minutes

Instead of 2 months

Easy to use

powered by AI

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Get all pieces of the puzzle in one place

Connections to business registers, PEP and Sanctions lists, adverse media, identity verification solutions, Ultimate Beneficial Ownership databases and more.

Decreased onboarding time

AI powered technology for fully automated business customer onboarding: save time and money, decrease the onboarding time from months to minutes.

Customisation and adaptability

Fully customisable workspace and verification flow. Possibility to integrate any third party solution into your onboarding process.

Straightforward results easily

Our crystal clear reports will provide you with an overview of the company in a simple way and highlight the most important aspects.


There is a number of industries that are obligated to verify their customers according to AML regulations. However, the laws are being constantly updated, so even if currently you don't need it - there is a high chance that YOU can be next!